Terms & Conditions for User Registration
Terms and Conditions Membership Agreement

1.    Membership of the arena will entitle you to use of  the facilities at the arena
2.    Use of the facilities at the arena and use of the arena premises is strictly in adherence to the Rules and Regulations of the arena in effect at any time
3.    Payment of the membership fee will entitle the member to membership of the arena for a minimum period particular to the specific membership type
4.    Instalment packages or direct debit packages are on rolling monthly basis. Payments will be debited from the members account on the last Thursday or Friday of each month. Members can only cancel their membership by submitting a minimum of 30 days notification and this must be submitted via email to the sales manager. All instalment memberships will automatically renew after 12 months unless the Management is otherwise instructed in writing.
5.    All failed direct debit payments will be subject to a fee of €3.30 per failed payment.
6.    In the event that a member wishes to discontinue beyond this period, the member must give one months’ notice via email. The membership will then be deemed to have expired and it will be necessary for the member to re-apply for membership. Re-entry fees will apply
7.    The membership fee or portion as per the membership type must be paid in full before use of the arena commences.
8.    Temporary suspension of membership will not be allowed under any circumstances
9.    Membership of the arena is not assignable or transferable. Membership deposits and membership fees are non-refundable, even in the case of injury, illness or re-location. Set up and maintenance fee of one hundred and fifty Euros is included in all membership. All memberships carry a 10-day cooling off period.
10.    Membership may be terminated by the management for violation of the Rules and regulations of the arena, or for conduct deemed by the management to be detrimental to the welfare and good order of the arena or its members
11.    The Member acknowledges that the arena will not be responsible for the loss of any items or damage to personal property either on the arena premises or in the arena car parking area.
12.    The Member acknowledges that the arena accepts no liability whatsoever for any personal injury or damage to personal property sustained by the member while he/she uses the arena premises, facilities or parking  areas.
13.    The member acknowledges that he/she uses the arena premises, facilities and parking areas at his/her own risk
14.    The member acknowledges that he/she is in good health and not suffering from any injury or illness
15.    The arena health status questionnaire must be completed and signed by all applicants in advance of using the arena facilities. (please tick if you suffer from any of the following)
High or low blood pressure [     ]          Heart Problems      [     ]         Diabetes [     ]
Muscle pain or injury            [     ]          Asthma                   [     ]        Epilepsy   [     ]
Arthritis              [     ]          Recent Pregnancy   [     ]
Recent Surgery                      [     ]
Please note if you tick any of the above, a GP clearance letter is advised before exercise
16.    The management reserves the right to utilise the arena facilities for special events, private parties, seminars, tournaments or other events.
17.    The arena will use its best endeavours to ensure that all facilities, apparatus and equipment are maintained in working order but the arena accepts no responsibility to the member for failure or breakdown of any equipment or apparatus however caused.
18.    In the event of any dispute arising between a member of the arena and the management of the arena, the decision of the arena management will be final.
19.    The management of the arena reserves the right to amend and add to these conditions of membership and rules as it sees fit and the member shall observe any amended or additional conditions or rules so made.
20.    On joining the arena the member automatically accepts and agrees to be bound by these conditions of membership of the arena.

SIGNED: _________________________________

a.    Will use the facilities of the arena entirely at my own risk and the arena shall have no liability whatsoever, whether in sort or in contract, for any loss, injury or damage however sustained to me. I accept full responsibility for my own use of any and all the facilities , appliances, privilege or service whatsoever at my own risk and indemnify and hold harmless the arena, its shareholders and directors, officers, employees or lessors from any and all loss, claim, injury ,damage or liability sustained or incurred by me or my property however caused.
b.    I further acknowledge that I have carefully read the rules and regulations of the arena and hereby undertake to abide by the same.
c.    I further understand that the terms of this agreement are to be read in conjunction with the rules and regulations of the arena and in the event of any conflict between the above mentioned terms and the rules and regulations, the terms of this membership agreement shall prevail.